Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Run

3.13 mi

00:45 /14:24 pace

Got on the road around 10:00
Today's pace: 14:24
Ran 45 minutes + 5 minute cooldown.
Saw my little cutie bugs as I passed their house today. My time is slowly getting better. I can run faster a little longer before my HRM beeper goes off. 5Ks two days in a row. Whoohoo!!
Week Miles
9 mi
2011 Miles
101 mi
Total Miles
216 mi

Yesterday's run

Last Run

3.12 mi

00:45 /14:27 pace

Beautiful out today. I am now excluding the warm-up and cool down from my calculations. posted 1 hour ago

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Week Miles
6 mi
2011 Miles
98 mi
Total Miles
213 mi