There's no place like home - and a renewed determination

When we were on the Alaskan cruise, there were plenty of opportunities to catch full-length glimpses of oneself. There were several elevator trips during the course of each day and each elevator had full-length mirrors in them. I used them as a reminder not to overindulge in the cruise cuisine. One could eat 24 hours a day if one were so inclined. Thanks to the constant reminders that I am not a skinny person, I did pretty well. I promised myself several times a day that upon returning home, I would be much more vigilant in my workout and diet. I slept in until 9:00 yesterday, but since we were up all night the night before due to a red-eye flight out of Anchorage, I think I can be excused.

This morning the alarm went off at 6:00 and I was out of bed on the first hop. I have completed my blog, memorized the Gospel of the day and am ready to head out.

Daily stats:
Workout type: walk/jog
Route: Deadend/rock pile/back
Distance: 1 3/4 miles
Time: 31 minutes
Average HR: 123
Maximum HR: 135
Calories burned:300
Temperature: 59 degrees
Challenge for the day: Remembering the promise
I jogged nonstop the first 15 minutes. I haven't done that in a long time! It felt good to get out again. It was hazy and a bit humid, but the walk/jog was great!!


Back from Alaska

Ohhhhhh, it is sooooo good to be home. After a week on a cruise and 2 weeks on the road with eating not structured or monitored as it should have been, I am happy to report that I came home .8 pounds lighter than when I left. I am going to have to hustle to meet my goal of finishing my first lap by September 15 - but now that the huge trip is behind us (and all the anticipitory stress associated with it) it should be clear sailing for a while.

Six more days! I am eager to get home.

Hi, it's me from Alaska. If you would like to read about our trip, you can do it here:
My Sugar Bush blog

If you would like to see some of the pictures from our trip, you can do it here:
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Greetings from Anchorage

Hi Everyone,
this is the first time I've been able to get on to do any posts here. I probably won't be able to be on much during the trip. I will be back to regular blogging on July 30. We have finished our cruise and are not motoring around Alaska.

Here is a pic of the College glaciers near Whittier.


North to Alaska a-go north the rush is on

Good morning, Loser fans! The countdown is at 2 days now. We head out on Tuesday morning. Lots to do between now and then. The scale has not been kind to me that last couple of days. But then, that's because I keep forgetting to take my nighttime dose of my meds. I woke up with a splitting headache and a fbs of 126. For me, that is a high number. I like it to be under 100 in the morning.
Cue the weigh-in music:
I'm up a pound and a quarter from last Sunday. Jillian is screaming, Bob's jaw drops. Allison wants to know if I know what happened this week. Ummmm, yeah. I dropped the ball.

Today's challenge: Stay the course. Do what needs to be done. Keep focused on today.


Biggest Loser heads for Alaska

LOL! At least my version of it does. My intention is to come home from Alaska weighing less than when we headed out there. Last night Harold was checking out the cruise and port excursions. He was looking at a trip on a helipcopter. He asked me if I weighed over 250. Hmmmmmmm. Do I LOOK like I'm over 250? I'm going to assume that he is not very good at judging weight and leave it at that. Didn't make me feel very good, though. Anyway, today's Biggest Loser challenge is to stay the course while getting the fridge cleaned out and suitcases packed.

While Harold was looking at cruise info, he checked out the menus. Shouldn't be too hard to stay on track with what I saw listed.

The fridge is done. All perishable and questionable food has been disposed of. We don't need to come home to "new growth" in the refrigerator. Suitcases have been measured for flight requirements and the packing process has begun. I will be taking my food diary, water bottle, supplements and emergency supplies with me. I am packing for one week, although we will be gone for 3, but hopefully there are laundromats in Alaska. I packed a bottle of Apple Jack 'n Peel room spray so I don't get too homesick. :)

Remember that I said I mapped out the journey to goal? I am on track so far even though I have strayed a bit. I have set a pace of .2 pounds per day and I am still ahead of the game - even with the side trips.


Another Thursday in mid-Michigan

I was up insanely early this morning. I'm sure that means I'll be grabbing a nap later. It is less than a week until we leave for our trip. I'm still a little nervous about being away from home so long. Little Madison will be practically grown up by the time we get back. I think I'll head out early for a walk. I haven't been out this early in a long time.