Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daily Stats:
I got out on the road at about 8:15 this morning.
Route: Deadend/Brown's Driveway/Back
Distance: 2 miles
Total time:  34.22 minutes
Pace: 17:11 minutes per mile
In zone: 22 minutes
Ave. Hr.: 121
Max. Hr: 135
Cals burned: 208
Temp: 68

As achy as I felt last night, I felt terrific this morning.  I had planned on taking the morning off because I didn't think I'd feel like getting out there.  I added another rock to my flower bed.  Soon I will be done with the rock border and will begin collecting stones to fill in the rest. The flower garden is my tangible testament to getting out there and putting in my time on the road.  I do a little bit of sprucing up each day.  Gardening is not my thing, but I love the results and in small time chunks (focusing only on the patch of road in front of me) I can reap great rewards.

I am focusing on diet again because, let's face it, you can run until you're blue in the face (literally) but if the food isn't in its place you get nowhere fast.  Again, this is a matter of "focusing only on the patch of road in front of me."  You will be seeing that phrase a lot from now on because it is my new mantra, if you will.

There is a lot to be said for living that way.  When you focus on your own progress, you are more content in life.  You learn to be grateful for what you have - you are more geared toward wanting what you have rather than looking to have everything you want.

I can't remember where I heard the saying, "you can't give away what you don't have."  Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is an investment in being able to be there for others.

My aren't I deep today.

I just found the official postings for yesterday:

Anna: (5k walk)  45:57
Melisa: (8 mile)    1:20:52 
Mary: (5k walk/run)  48:28


Saturday, May 29, 2010 - Highland Festival 5K

 The race started at 9:15 in front of Dunning Chapel on the Alma College Campus.  I ran as a fundraiser for Youth For Christ, but I wore the Scott Johnston memorial tee shirt.  Hopefully I will get a copy of the Johnston clan picture that I can post here.

Route: West down Superior, East to Fairlane, and up Harvard Avenue
Distance: 3.1 miles
Total time:  48:28 
Pace: 15:57 minutes per mile
Ave. Hr.: 136
Max. Hr: 158
Cals burned: 460 (I am now dividing the number on my monitor by 2 - seems more accurate)

This race is a little different in that the streets are lined with people watching.  My group started at 9:15.  The 8 mile group had green bibs, my group (the walk/run group) had white, and the walkers had yellow. The walkers started 2 minutes later than we did.  Twenty seconds out, I was pretty much left in the dust.  I was the lone white sheeter behind a whole mob of others. Because the route doubled back on itself, I could see people who had passed me 2 minutes earlier meeting me on the way east. Then the yellow bibs started passing me.  Little old men in their 70s passed me. Fathers pushing double strollers passed me. Teenagers chatting breezily and effortlessly passed me.  People ambling along, and not all that fast, passed me (and this was when I was running).

On the last mile, Anna passed me - Anna who was doing her first 5K ever.  She just walked right on by and left me about 1/4 mile behind her up until the finish. (Remember, the girl started 2 minutes after I did.) After I crossed the finish line, I forgot to turn off my watch right away so my time was a little better than what I posted above.  Anna came in at 46 something. It wasn't until I caught up with her that I remembered to hit the time button. We headed for the water table and went back to join Justin, Clayton, and Claire, whom we had seen along the route, and waited for Melisa to finish her run. She did the 8 mile run.  I don't know what her time was because she, like me, forgot to look at the time clock.  Considering where she was a year and a half ago, it is nothing short of amazing.

As I sit here thinking about today's run, many thoughts run through my mind. When a person is out on a country road all by herself, it's easy to imagine herself as streak on the landscape.  5K races bring her back to reality.  Even though I am not a stellar walker, let alone runner, these 5Ks serve a very important function; they get me out the door on ordinary mornings with the promise of "someday." They also force me to take an honest look at myself.  Out on that country road, I am a long, lean running machine; I am reliving the 80s.  But the picture we took at today's race shows me that I am a long way from there.  I may never get there, but I will never give up trying.  That's me.

My time is better than the last 5K I did, but I worked a lot harder, went above my HR zone most of the time, and didn't have a 4 year old "holding me back."  (Actually, it was a bit of a struggle to keep up with the 4-year-old at the last race.) I am taking small bites and making slow but steady progress.  I am further along than I was last week, and next week I will be further along than I am now.

As I did today, I am tuning out the negative voices in my head that tell me how often I have failed, and I am focusing solely on the small patch of ground in front of me. It's all I can do.  It's all any of us can do because we can't run the mile until we've run the quarter mile.  If we never run the quarter mile because it isn't a big lofty goal, then we really never get anywhere.  The mile is made up of a couple thousand steps, and the ones at the end are no more important than the ones at the beginning.

Tonight I am walking like an old lady.  Every joint aches.  It's one thing to run 2 miles on a country road and quite another to do it on cement for 3.2 miles.  But tomorrow, come sunup, I will be out there again - a streak on the landscape - a long lean running machine - if only in my own mind. 



Friday, May 28, 2010

I got out on the road at about 8:40 this morning. 
Route: Deadend and Back
Distance: 1.5 miles
Total time:  23:37
In zone: 18 minutes
Ave. Hr.: 123
Max. Hr: 137
Cals burned: 365
First split: Deadend:11:49
Second split: Home: 11:44
Temp: 64
It was a nice run this morning, a break from the recent heat and humidity.
Tomorrow is the Highland Festival Run - my 3rd race and a first time here.  I'm running as a fundraiser for Youth for Christ.  I raised $210.  It's strange because I only count $200 in pledges, but there is $210 in the envelope.  Oh well, it's a bonus. I am also running with the Johnston family in memory of Scott Johnston.  It will be a little warmer tomorrow, but not bad.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Got out on the road at about 9:15 this morning.  I went to the deadend and back and it took me 25 minutes.  That's about a mile and a half.  I walked most of the way, but kept my heartrate in the zone.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Last night Anna, Melisa, Clay, Claire, and I went to the St. Louis track for a workout.  It was pretty cool.  The plan was that the kids would have a picnic while Anna, Melisa, and I would do our training route.  On my third lap I looked over and Clay and Claire were running around the track too.  Clay was running barefoot.  Unfortunately he developed a blister which he proclaimed was going to kill him.  Saturday is the big day.  I've lined up my sponsors and have collected the money.  Now I just need to get out on the road this week.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow, I shaved some more time off my route!  I did my two miles in 32:48.  Not exactly a qualifier for Boston, but definitely showing progress.  I was able to go out without a jacket this morning.  There was a blackbird about a quarter mile down the road who hovered over my head squawking at me.  Guess I was invading his turf.  He was waiting for me on the return trip also.  I am slowly getting the hang of this HRM.  I now "run between the beeps."  It beeps when I am under or over my target heartrate.  I get into the zone and then walk until it beeps, run until it beeps again, then walk until it beeps etc.  There was a spatter of rain drops, and it's supposed to storm today. 


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I got out on the road at about 8:15 this morning.  Today wasn't a Maddie day so I could get out a little later.  Plus, I got to talk to my favorite youngest daughter before going out.  I was so inspired by last night's Biggest Loser.  I am so proud of all of those people for even finishing a marathon.  For now I am content with 5Ks, but seeing Mike and Ashley finish was so inspirational.  I really have no excuses.  I took some time off of my route this morning - I did it in 33:45.  I am still walking and running alternately, but I think I am doing more running than walking.  As I wrote earlier, I use my heart rate to determine how hard I work.  My heart rate is recovering faster which is good, but also means that I run more to keep it in the zone.  Baby steps.  I'm getting there.

As for the rest of the show, I will be voting for Daris. It had to be humiliating for him to stand up there and admit that he was stress eating.  He took responsibility for the gain and I'm hoping that the humiliation will be something that he feels when he is tempted to eat away stress.  I was really impressed with his running.  He runs like someone who has run for a long time.  If he keeps that up, he may find it easier to stay the course.


Monday, May 17, 2010

I got out on the road at 7:12 this morning.  I did my usual routed - deadend/Brown's driveway/back.
My time this morning was 34.01
I can't believe that last year I was running the whole route.  Oh well, I have to progress from where I am right now.  I saw lots of deer tracks up on the dead end again.  So far I haven't seen any deer - my favorite thing.

I was listening to a show on Saturday about insulin resistance and how diet is the number one treatment for that and a host of other insulin related diseases. I've been testing foods today to see the effect on my blood sugar. I did a pretty good job of picking foods that did not cause an insulin spike.  I am also reading another of Chantel Hobbs' books.  In this book she focuses on celebrating small victories every day.  I have two today.

Victory #1:  I did my route
Victory #2:  I kept my blood sugar below 90


Got out on the road at 7:15 this morning.  I am still having fits trying to figure out this watch.  Yesterday it beeped every time I was out of my heart zone.  Today, nothing!  Grrr.  I did my usual route - Deadend, Brown's driveway, and back.  I saw a lot of deer tracks up by the dead end.  Where are all these deer in November?

Today is the Girls on the Run 5K.  I would have liked to participate, but I have a rehearsal in Saginaw.  I'm reading a new book which I'll tell you about later.  


I got out on the road at 8:20 this morning. I took a different route because I was pretty sure it would be very muddy up by the dead end.  I went the opposite way down to Summerton and back.  I messed up the setting on my new HRM because I am still learning about it.  I probably did 30 minutes.  I'm excited because Anna is also going to do the Highland Festival 5K. 
Just got back from my route this morning.  I'm still getting used to my HRM.  The target heartrate is higher than on my old one and I'm not sure how to re-set it.  The instructions are no help at all.  For now I will keep the target that's there - 124 but it is kicking my butt.  It started to rain in the last 5 minutes.  They are predicting flurries for this weekend.  Grrrrrr.


New Title

Well, I found the book - the Hundred Days Challenge Book, but unless I read something earth shakingly new, I won't be doing a daily update on it.  It's cheap enough used at Amazon. I really don't like to quit, but I found myself less and less eager to post about it every single day.

I can't believe that I haven't checked in for 4 days!  I can't believe that.  The running has continued.  This morning's trek was cut short due to the call of nature.  It was a 24 minute jog.  My new HRM came yesterday and I am trying to get used to it.  Maybe I'll like it more once I figure it out.  My other one was hinking up due to needing a new battery so it was accurate yesterday.  The thing I like about my old HRM is that my heartrate showed no matter what screen I was on - so I could time my workout and still see my heartrate.  In this one I have to keep pushing buttons.