North to Alaska a-go north the rush is on

Good morning, Loser fans! The countdown is at 2 days now. We head out on Tuesday morning. Lots to do between now and then. The scale has not been kind to me that last couple of days. But then, that's because I keep forgetting to take my nighttime dose of my meds. I woke up with a splitting headache and a fbs of 126. For me, that is a high number. I like it to be under 100 in the morning.
Cue the weigh-in music:
I'm up a pound and a quarter from last Sunday. Jillian is screaming, Bob's jaw drops. Allison wants to know if I know what happened this week. Ummmm, yeah. I dropped the ball.

Today's challenge: Stay the course. Do what needs to be done. Keep focused on today.

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  1. And remember the meds. Have fun in Alaska. Take lots of pictures to show us when you get back!