Monday, November 15, 2010

Good grief, I really need to keep on top of this blog better.  I know I haven't gone since November 4 without running.  For now I will not be using the dead-end route because of deer hunting season.  I will be sticking to the main road.  I could hear shots all around me this morning.  My time was a little slow, but it has been a week since I last went out. 

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  1. Hi girl!!!

    How are you doing?? I'm sorry its been so long since i've popped in to say hi! Doing good here. Getting ready for the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon Dec 5! OOOooh boy! I hope the weather is not too bad. Glad to see you and i are still gettng our fannies out the door! LOL! Don't be a stranger! Hugs Deb