Coasting coasting

Good morning,
I know that I have been awol for quite a while. Life has been insanely busy and I really still haven't adjusted to being home. I've kind of been holding my own, trying to get my head together. Food hasn't been bad, but sheesh, when you get out of the exercise habit, it's very hard to get back in. I've worked out here and there, but what I need to do is get a schedule. I used to just be able to get up in the morning and get it over with, but it's not possible to do that now. I am a creature of habit so I have to make a schedule and make it a habit to follow it.

I've been watching Biggest Loser. Seems like every season they have to pick one person to gang up on - just to keep the drama going. Tracey is excellent in that role. She is so maddeningly passive agressive.

Last summer I found out that I have cataracts. I will have to get those taken care of and then lately I have been having symptoms of carpal tunnel in my left hand. Not a good situation for a church organist. Good grief, when did I get old???

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  1. " I need to do is get a schedule." YOu and me both!