Still working on day 1

I am still working on day 1 in the "100 Days of Wweight Loss" book - which means it will end up being more than 100 days. My struggle lately has been getting exercise in. Not that I don't have time, but I can't do it first thing in the morning which has always been my thing. Tonight I decided to change it up and go out in the evening. Let me tell you, evening is much harder. I felt aches and pains that I never had in the morning. So I took it a bit easier. I needed to get that one evening workout in so I couldn't use missing morning exercise as an excuse any more.


  1. Yeah YOu!ONe is a lonely number so lets add another! LOL! ONe day at a time girlfriend. YOu can do it! Jinx!

  2. Thanks, Jinx.
    I've been in a slump, but I am slowly working my way out of it. I really appreciate all of your support and caring.

  3. I think as we get older, mornings definitely become our better times with physical feelings. Something about the synovial fluids in our body flowing more evenly and so forth. And , sadly for most of us grabbing exercise in the morning can be really tricky ! What might help you is to somehow think outside the box with exercise. Don't focus on what would be perfect to do , but what can be obtainable. Start with that, ignore the definition of perfect for whatever it is that you choose, and you will find what will work for you. At the moment for me it is telling my son we are going to walk to school. We homeschool, so it means getting our stuff on, getting out and taking a long walk before we start our school day. Last year it was doing the Wii fit as part of gym class or Biggest Loser Yoga or so on. It just took some creative thinking to overcome our obstacles with this. Good luck !

  4. Mary? Mary? MARY!!! Where the heck are you girl??? Do you know its been two weeks since you've posted! Went down my blog list and wondered now where is Mary?? Hope all is well my friend. Me? Just putting one foot in front of the other. Thats all we can do. Jinx! Miss ya!