Daily Stats:
Route: Moeggenberg Path/Back
Distance: 2.06 miles
Total time: 33:03
Pace: 16:02 min per mile
1st Split - Brian Recker's: 11:09
Ave. HR:  123
Max HR: 136
Cals burned: 505
I left this morning right after Clay got on the bus.  It was about 8:10.  I didn't quite catch the bus at the corner.  It was dark out so I took my flashlight.  I love these early mornings before the sun is up.  I could see lights in the houses on the road as people were getting ready for work.  I could hear the radio from Mike's barn as he did the morning milking.  Another reminder of why I love living in the country!!  I don't know why my time was slower this morning.  I ran on Sunday but forgot to post.  My chest hurts when my heartrate gets above 125.  

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