Daily Stats:
Route: Moeggenberg Path/Back
Distance: 2 miles
Total time: 33.35
Pace: 16:47 min per mile
1st Split - Brian Recker's: 11:29
2nd Split: Moeggenberg's path: 16:43
Ave. HR:  123
Max HR: 136
Cals burned: 521
This was in addition to the 1 1/2 miles that Claire and I did this morning while waiting for her bus.  It is so beautiful out.  I just love Fall!!  I headed west this morning and did a 1/2 mile loop on Leaton road down to Mike Moeggenberg's and back.  His silage smells all appley and fallish!  :)  I jogged more than I ran this morning.  That's a good thing.  I have to jog more and more just to keep my heart rate in the zone.  That is progress.

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