I love Thursdays

I don't know why I love Thursdays - I just do.
Probably because I usually have nothing planned and it's a kind of "my day."
I'm still battling the food demon. I tend to be an emotional eater and when I don't feel like I'm being taken care of, that's how I cope. I am trying to re-program my thinking so that I deal with things in a more practical way, but it's hard and some days I don't quite get there. But I think I'm making progress in learning to give myself what I need instead of looking for it from others.

I think today I need to get rid of the gray. While I am waiting for Miss Clairol to work her magic, I am going to do a workout video. My commitment to exercise has been seriously lacking and a lot of it is my "all or nothing" mentality. If it isn't 45 minutes outdoors, it isn't worth doing. Rubbish. Any movement is good and it is consistency that counts. So, off I go.


  1. I like your last line a lot. It's really important to find that balance isn't it.

  2. By the way, I forgot to mention that the Fall decorations are really pretty.