A new season of Biggest Loser begins

Last night began Season 8 of Biggest Loser. There is no family challenge going on. I miss having the family support. This season I am going to align myself with the contestants. I will weigh in on Wednesday mornings and report my percentage and compare it with the weigh-ins from the previous night.

I've been researching various plans. My favorite is Atkins, but I just can't seem to stick to it. But I need some kind of carb controlled plan. My joints have been aching and I know it is the sugar I have been consuming. For me, sugar is an inflammatory and the hard reality is that I am going to have to cut it out of my life. I have finally decided on the Belly Fat Cure. It limits sugar to 15 grams and total carbs to 120. That seems doable for me.

So my initial weigh-in 133

For now, my exercise is going to have to be limited to weights because my left foot is giving me grief. Getting off sugar should take care of that.

Since the digital switch, I can't tape the episodes of Biggest Loser any more. :( I have a meeting on Tuesday nights so I will be missing the first hour each week. But my great daughter-in-law said she would tape that for me. Next week I will miss it entirely because we have a wedding to attend.

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