Pressing on

I know it's been a few days since I posted, but I am still moving toward my goal of the Syrup Run. This is our really busy time of year - it's fun and gratifying, but I tend to fall behind on lots of stuff. I missed working out the last few days, but I have learned that progress - not perfection - is a good way to live. Food went off track over the weekend but I got back on yesterday and hopefully by tonight, will feel back to normal (my new normal). I'll get my workout in later in the afternoon.

Daily stats:
Workout type: Walk/jog
Route: Deadend and back
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Wii Fit half moon pose,tree pose, downward dog
Calories burned:276
Temperature: 39 degrees
Challenge for the day: Remembering the promise

Thoughts: I got out on the road at 5:15. It seems like I work really hard but my heart rate doesn't go up. I think it's the monitor. But it doesn't really matter. I just like to stay in a certain zone as far as my heartrate and I can pretty much feel it now.

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