Virtual support - yeah!!!

An update on my progress. I haven't had much time to post or even to focus much. I have been in a holding pattern - not backtracking, but getting through the chaos that is my life in October and November. Our rash of craft shows is just about over. We have one more small one, but that isn't much to stress over. Now that life is settling down from the rush of trying to get stockings done, I can focus on me for a bit. I ordered the Biggest Loser game today. I had a bunch of Amazon gift certificates so I decided to give myself an anniversary present. "Anniversary?" you say. Yes. On November 28 I will be celebrating 9 years of being smoke free. So what better gift than the gift of fitness. I need people around me who are doing the same thing, but there isn't anyone at the moment. In the Biggest Loser game, you get to compete against virtual contestants, just like on TV. I can't wait for it to get here!


  1. Mary that game sounds like just the ticket! Let me know how you like it. Glad you survived your craft shows. I had to miss the big Santa Market here in our town as i had to work. I LOVE strolling around there for hours.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog girl. Always, always appreciated! Jinx!

  2. Mary, mary haven't heard from you in a week. Hope all is well and your just incredibly busy! JInx!