Wednesday - Day 7

Yesterday was a sugar free day and I can't believe how much better I feel. (I know, I'm not supposed to have sugar anyway, but I have been in denial lately) My joints have been aching and I have been moving like an old lady. This morning I woke up and couldn't believe the difference.

I have mixed feelings about this season's Biggest Loser. I don't understand why Tracey playing the game was such a big deal. Others have done it. Granted, she threw a couple of people under the bus, but she's not the first. I don't think you have the kind of family she has being the kind of person she has been portrayed as being. I thought she looked fantastic at the update. I actually would have liked to see Liz go. I think she's kind of snotty and it irks me the way she seems to take delight in the downfall of others. But that's just me. (Also, I could have done without all the "Obama" fawning - particularly on the part of Bob.) But it was kind of cool to see them make that huge salad. Made me actually crave a salad so today I am going to pick up some greens.

I'll get a workout in later today. I am way behind on stuff and this is early closing day at the post office. Updates later.

********Evening Update*************
In the course of hefting huge packs of water around I figure I got in a good workout today so I took it easy and did some stretching and balance games on the Wii fit. Wii Tillie says I'm 55 today. LOL! Also, that my weight is down. Whooo hooo! (but I knew that anyway because I weighed in this morning).


  1. Hiiii!!! Marry!!!!!!!

    Sorry i've been out of pocket the last few days! Hubby has been hogging the computer for his college homework etc...... Go thats important! LOL! But i wanted to stop by and tell you how great you've been doing! Awesome! Just remember one day turns into two days turns into three and before you know it its a lifestyle! Heh heh...i know its not that easy but you get my drift. You can do this Mary!

    If you've read the last couple of posts on my blog you might have caught the one about the cereal... well i'm happy to say the scale is down a couple pounds! That beautiful, wonderful scale! Our love affair with the scale is so fickle isn't it ? LOL! At least now i can say i weigh at least a couple pounds less than i did this time frame last year. Wahooo! I weighed 178 this morning and for Thanksgiving morning last year i weighed 180. Kept that 180 all through the holidays and then come spring i got down to 172. Then summer hit and i hit the treadmill instead of the road and there is less intenisty on the treadmill so i got back up to 180-182. I finally said the heck with it after 2 months of treadmill and got back out on the road. Did that transformation ever hurt! Its been a long road trying to get my fitness back from the treadmill debacle and i'm still not back there yet but at least the scale seems to be moving in the right direction again! Sorry long comment! Missed ya! Catch ya later! Jinx!

  2. Thanks, Jinx. I did read your blog post about the cereal. I've had to part company with it because I love Quaker Oat squares and 1 serving just doesn't do it for me. LOL!

    What's up with your hubby and college courses, LOL! Mine is addicted to facebook.