Monday, May 24, 2010

Last night Anna, Melisa, Clay, Claire, and I went to the St. Louis track for a workout.  It was pretty cool.  The plan was that the kids would have a picnic while Anna, Melisa, and I would do our training route.  On my third lap I looked over and Clay and Claire were running around the track too.  Clay was running barefoot.  Unfortunately he developed a blister which he proclaimed was going to kill him.  Saturday is the big day.  I've lined up my sponsors and have collected the money.  Now I just need to get out on the road this week.


  1. He also said "I hate that track" and then later said he loves running on the track (I think it was the ice cream he loved).

  2. I think he liked the running part - I think the blister part is what caused the meltdown. LOL! I think it may have been the crocks that gave him the blister, though. The ice cream WAS good, though.