New Title

Well, I found the book - the Hundred Days Challenge Book, but unless I read something earth shakingly new, I won't be doing a daily update on it.  It's cheap enough used at Amazon. I really don't like to quit, but I found myself less and less eager to post about it every single day.

I can't believe that I haven't checked in for 4 days!  I can't believe that.  The running has continued.  This morning's trek was cut short due to the call of nature.  It was a 24 minute jog.  My new HRM came yesterday and I am trying to get used to it.  Maybe I'll like it more once I figure it out.  My other one was hinking up due to needing a new battery so it was accurate yesterday.  The thing I like about my old HRM is that my heartrate showed no matter what screen I was on - so I could time my workout and still see my heartrate.  In this one I have to keep pushing buttons.


  1. Love the picture! Haven't felt much like blogging myself this week.

  2. Thanks, Ida. I know you've been going through a rough patch. Please know that you are in my prayers!