Monday, May 17, 2010

I got out on the road at 7:12 this morning.  I did my usual routed - deadend/Brown's driveway/back.
My time this morning was 34.01
I can't believe that last year I was running the whole route.  Oh well, I have to progress from where I am right now.  I saw lots of deer tracks up on the dead end again.  So far I haven't seen any deer - my favorite thing.

I was listening to a show on Saturday about insulin resistance and how diet is the number one treatment for that and a host of other insulin related diseases. I've been testing foods today to see the effect on my blood sugar. I did a pretty good job of picking foods that did not cause an insulin spike.  I am also reading another of Chantel Hobbs' books.  In this book she focuses on celebrating small victories every day.  I have two today.

Victory #1:  I did my route
Victory #2:  I kept my blood sugar below 90

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  1. Your doing GREAT! Your persistence is amazing! Now you just have to find the'll be running that whole distance again before you know it!!