Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I got out on the road at about 8:15 this morning.  Today wasn't a Maddie day so I could get out a little later.  Plus, I got to talk to my favorite youngest daughter before going out.  I was so inspired by last night's Biggest Loser.  I am so proud of all of those people for even finishing a marathon.  For now I am content with 5Ks, but seeing Mike and Ashley finish was so inspirational.  I really have no excuses.  I took some time off of my route this morning - I did it in 33:45.  I am still walking and running alternately, but I think I am doing more running than walking.  As I wrote earlier, I use my heart rate to determine how hard I work.  My heart rate is recovering faster which is good, but also means that I run more to keep it in the zone.  Baby steps.  I'm getting there.

As for the rest of the show, I will be voting for Daris. It had to be humiliating for him to stand up there and admit that he was stress eating.  He took responsibility for the gain and I'm hoping that the humiliation will be something that he feels when he is tempted to eat away stress.  I was really impressed with his running.  He runs like someone who has run for a long time.  If he keeps that up, he may find it easier to stay the course.


  1. I too will vote for Daris- Koli is just too focused on winning and not on the changes he needs to make. I am really rooting for Mike- he is a hometown boy !

  2. I never could warm up to Koli - I don't know why. I did not like Mike at first, but as the season went on, I really started to find myself rooting for him. It wouldn't break my heart if Ashley or Daris won either. I like them all. I was just dismayed to see the regression of past contestants. I wish BL didn't do such an extreme weight loss method - may some weight off quickly to lower health risks, but then a more reasonable pace that reflects a more realistic picture of what they need to do to keep it off.