Friday, May 28, 2010

I got out on the road at about 8:40 this morning. 
Route: Deadend and Back
Distance: 1.5 miles
Total time:  23:37
In zone: 18 minutes
Ave. Hr.: 123
Max. Hr: 137
Cals burned: 365
First split: Deadend:11:49
Second split: Home: 11:44
Temp: 64
It was a nice run this morning, a break from the recent heat and humidity.
Tomorrow is the Highland Festival Run - my 3rd race and a first time here.  I'm running as a fundraiser for Youth for Christ.  I raised $210.  It's strange because I only count $200 in pledges, but there is $210 in the envelope.  Oh well, it's a bonus. I am also running with the Johnston family in memory of Scott Johnston.  It will be a little warmer tomorrow, but not bad.