Fridays, they ain't what they used to be

LOL! Now that I'm semi-retired, Friday for me isn't really like Friday for other folks. My work week usually begins with the weekend and ends on Thursday - so I guess Wednesday would be like my Friday.

I wrote yesterday that I am in the process of finding a program I can live with. No matter what I do, it can't be a temporary thing. We all know that doesn't work. I know I will end up doing some sort of carb controlled plan because of my blood sugar issues. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I am using Diet Power's recommendations as far as calories go because I don't want to gain weight while I am figuring all of this out. This will also give me a chance to use up some of the stuff I have around here. (I love Quaker Oat Squares) I broke down and ordered the upgrade. I was a bit bummed because my old program had all sorts of custom foods that I had entered and I wasn't able to import them into the new program. I do like the new program though and can go back and forth from this machine to my laptop with a special "travel" folder. If you enter your foods faithfully and log your weigh-ins, Diet Power figures out your metabolism and your calorie needs. I have to have some kind of concrete numerical boundaries because I also have compulsive eating issues.

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