Where is my happy place?

Sorry about the inconsistent postings here. I am not in a very good place regarding diet and exercise. I am going to wait this out and hope it gets better.


  1. Mary its okaaaaay! It will get better! Everybody has their ups and downs! I'am so not a summer person. Takes everything i have to get out there and exercise in the heat. So i know i'm coming into my happy place with fall on the horizon. Just think about what you want. Are you where you want to be? If not your the only one who can change it. Nobody can give you willpower you have to find it with in yourself. I get to read that on a billboard on the way home from work every day. LOL! I may not have it word for word but you get my drift!
    I always try to close my eyes and envision the person i want to be in reguards to my diet and exercise etc..... And i try to make sure i'am always moving in that direction. We don't have to be perfect. We just have to try to keep going in the right direction. Jinx!

  2. Sometimes the most productive thing we can do it just stop, take a breath and recharge our batteries. Then we can jump back on the horse so to speak and make a lot more progress. Get your second wind and then see what comes