Another season

Well, another day of no workout due to this "whatever it is" that has me hacking all night long. I am on track with my spreadsheet, however. Here's a little explanation of my spread sheet. I have set the goal of losing .4 pounds a day in January. I have set up the spreadsheet to show those daily increments. At the end of the month I assess my progress and re-set my goal for February. As I get closer to my goal, my daily loss will be less. So my focus is always on tomorrow - not next week, not next month, just what I need to do to meet my goal for tomorrow. Looking at the big picture is too overwhelming.

Last night began season 9 of the Biggest Loser. Nina called this morning to ask who I was rooting for. I'm not sure. Probably I will root for the lady who is closest to my own age. That would be Patti.


  1. I am torn between rooting for the one who had breast cancer, the oldest lady and the guy who was over 500 lbs. He is from Chicago and an Italian American. Home team sort of loyalty thing there !

  2. Watching with you. It seems to be my only sure-fire motivation!