It's a New Year

But so far I have been sick every single day of it. It was my plan to start fresh. I set up a spreadsheet of small goals and so far I am on track. I am anxious to get over this horrible cold so that I can start exercizing. About 3 weeks ago I sent for a trial bottle of Resveratrol. I have noticed a huge difference in my joints. It's hard to tell about anything else because I have been sick.

Tonight begins a new season of Biggest Loser. I am so excited because I can now set our DVR and I don't have to miss any of the episodes. When the digital switch happened I couldn't tape anything so I never really got to know the contestants. A lot of the interaction takes place in the first part of the show and I always missed that. I love being able to access favorite shows whenever I want.

I am going to try and stay more current on this blog.

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  1. Mary's back! Okay you never really left but i'm glad your back!!!! LOL! Either way i'll catch up with you here or your other blog. What are some of your small goals??? ((HUGS)))