Final preparation day for the 100 days challenge

Well, I have my notebook all ready.  Today I am going to pick up a very cool water bottle.  I have done my initial weigh-in and I am pumped to start tomorrow. I weigh daily, but my official weigh-ins have always been on Sundays. I have also stocked the fridge with carrots and celery and other staples.  My food plan will be calorie based, but will follow the Sugar Busters model which is a lot like the early Weight Watchers plan which was based on the diabetic exchange diet.  It's funny, but Sugar Busters, Atkins Maintenance, and South Beach are all very similar to the early Weight Watcher model - except that good carbs and good fats are emphasized.  Anyway, tomorrow we start!!

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  1. Good luck. I am anxious to hear how you do!