Biggest Loser - Week two

One of the great advantages of satellite TV (which we have had for about a month) is that you can record programs on your DVR. When we switched to digital, we lost the ability to set our VCR to record. Therefore, last season on Biggest Loser, I could only watch the last half of each show. (I have meetings on Tuesday nights.) My favorite part of the show is the weigh-ins, but when you don't see the first half, you don't get to see into the minds of the contestants. Last night's show was very insightful. What seems like a "duh" to people who don't have food issues, is a very real problem for people like me. It's all about choices and accepting reality. The reality for me is that I will never be "normal" around food. I will always have to constantly weigh my choices about what goes in my mouth. But you know what? Everyone has something in his life that needs the same kind of attention. Last night at RCIA we were talking about that very thing. For some people it's food. For others it's alcohol, or working too much, or spending too much or whatever. For most people there is something going on that gets more attention than it should in our lives. It's time for me to grow up realize that ignoring it or whining about it or denying it doesn't work. I'm ready to put food in its place.


  1. Ah...Oh .. Mary! You gave me chill bumps! I think your ready Mary! You may have thought you were ready in the past...but.....i think your ready now. I can remember thinking this exact same way before i started on this last successful journey. This is just my life, this is the way it is, I will always have issues with food and i better find a way to deal with it or just resign myself to being heavy and unhealthy the rest of my life. Thankfully i wasn't ready to just give up. I was tired of food or my craving and need for food always 'winning'. I was tired of letting 'it' be in control instead of me. Sometimes i'd have to give myself a good mental shake and say NO your not eating that!

    Anyway, it was exciting to hear you say something that i had to face on my journey. What i put in my mouth is my choice, my decision, every single mouthful. The more you say NO the easier it gets. It takes practice. Thank you for your encouragement on my blog. Its been a rough couple of months. I've realized its much easier to change your lifestyle when your life is going smoothly, which apparently it was for two years. But all this stress its making it hard. ((HUGS))) Jinx!