Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daily Stats:
Route: Deadend and Back
Distance: 1.5 miles
Total time: 23:40
Pace: 15:46 min per mile
Ave. Hr.: 125
Max. Hr: 136
Cals burned: 379
Temp: 75
Warm and humid
Got out on the road at a little before 9:00. I had thought we would be on our way home from Ohio, but we got back last night. I took my flip video along this morning.

Here is the turn-around at the deadend.  Gosh, I sound very out of breath!

 This is the last leg of the route - my favorite.  :)

Here are the stones I picked up for today.  I cheated and picked up 2, but that's okay because one morning I was running late and didn't pick up any.

Here's a clip showing my "stone victory" garden. I would post more, but the bandwidth is again slow. The beeping you hear is my heartrate monitor telling me to get moving.

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