Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Stats:
Route: Deadend and Back
Distance: 1.5 miles
Total time: 25:56
Pace: 17:17 min per mile
In zone: 17:50
Ave. Hr.: 121
Max. Hr: 130
Cals burned: 389
Temp: 75
Warm and humid
Wow! My time really suffered today. Guess a little inconsistency is not great for improving time. I just could not stay in my zone this morning. I am now sneezing.
I went in for my post endoscopy consult. The good news is, no stomach ulcer, no colitis. The hiatal hernia doesn't sound like much fun, nor is adding another med (omeprazole), but I'm grateful that's all it was.

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  1. Sorry i've been absent for awhile. Wow! You've changed the look of your blog. I love it! Struggling with the summer heat and running and keeping my motivation up. Knowing i'm carrying around some extra weight does not help my disposition either. :) Just trying to keep my spirits up and keeping on, keeping on. First cool day of fall your gonna hear me shouting across blogland! I need to go back and read some of your posts i've missed. Talk at ya later! Deb