Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's kind of a gloomy day out today - threatening to rain, so I opted for the treadmill. It's harder to keep my heartrate up on the treadmill and I'm not sure why. It seems like I'm working harder and I'm actually not. I much prefer outside; plus I don't get my reward of stones for the garden.

I discovered a new site yesterday thanks to a visit from Melanie. It's really cool. I like the training widget. You also have the option of posting your workout on Facebook. I did that, and then thought about taking it off of there, but then figure - oh what the heck, no one really cares anyway and it might inspire someone. I know I'm inspired when I see people who don't look like athletes posting on Facebook.

Food was a little shakey yesterday. I need to reign it in a bit.

My left foot started aching yesterday. It ached this morning and kept me from giving my all on the treadmill. I don't know if I pulled a muscle or what.

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