100 Days Challenge

It's only a little after 10:00 am and it's already been a fantabulous day.  Claire and I finished the 5K.  I can't wait to post pics.  (My camera is at our craft booth.  I will post them tonight.)  The only downside of the race was that I put on the wrong shoes this morning.  I could feel the difference shortly before the race.  My running shoes are Aasic gels and I really missed that cushion this morning.  But it was great quality time with my granddaughter.  This is what memories are made of.  Back later with pics and updates.  Oh, and I think tomorrow will be a great weigh-in due to my sugar ban this week.

Okay, I am zapped. Here are a couple of pics and I am heading for dreamland.

Claire and Grandma are closing in on the first mile

Three generations did the 5K today!

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  1. Nice Picture your family and kids.