Day 59: 100 Days Challenge

We had to be at tax office early this morning so my workout had to wait for afternoon. I wrote yesterday about a solution the problem of an afternoon workout. Today I have pictures.

I'm telling you, Jillian is a peach compared to these slave drivers.  This actually solved a couple of things.  It gives me something to do with the kids, lets me get my workout in, and Harold's resistance bands are getting some use. 


  1. Looks like a lot of work...calorie burning work!!!!yay...good for you...have fun, they grow fast! Dianntha

  2. HOpe everything is okay with you. ......your not discouraged are you???? 100 days is a really loong challenge. I've been incognito too for a few days. Just made a post on my blog though...don't remember if you've visited the new blog yet or not. But you can find the link on my old blog. I've decided to try to lose another 10 pounds over the summer. So far not going well. LOL! I've been stable for a year now. Its time to kick it up a notch. Cut back on evening snacking and push my running a little harder or maybe some cross training with the bike. We'll see. But i would LOVE to see the 160's on the scale by end of summer. I tried last summer but then the whole rash and itching and prednisone thing happened and i couldn't concentrate on losing weight i had to concentrate on not scratching! LOL! Anyway no sign of that rash yet this year and this is about the time it showed up. So cross your fingers as it seemed to appear from no where and left for no reason. Chin up girl, its a new day!