100 Days Challenge

This is for Deb.  Believe it or not I have never heard of the Hamster Dance or the song.  Such a sheltered life I lead.

Just got back from my walk/jog. I got out on the road at 8:40. I moved a little faster today. I went to the deadend, back to Brown's driveway, and home. It took me 33 minutes. I always stop and pick up a rock for my garden. I have the first row on the front of the porch almost done. I was hungry the whole way.

This is my training routine for now:
I warm-up while I pray the rosary. That takes about 15 minutes. During that time I get my heart rate into the training zone (121) and try to keep it there. Then I turn on the radio and do 50 steps running at a good pace followed by about 100 steps recovery- generally until my heart rate drops to 116. I rotate that until I get to the rock pile. I find a rock for my garden and finish the workout. Not exactly the training style of a Boston Marathon runner, but it works for me. I am in need of a new monitor. About 10 minutes into the workout, it will jump to over 250 and then drop down to normal which totally screws up my stats. Before my next 5K I am going to get a new one, I think.


  1. Now didn't that just make you smile?! ((HUGS))

  2. More like spew coffee all over my monitor. Hahahaha

  3. Hamster Dance Video is the best PICK ME UP....
    Thanks for sharing. Your site is awesome. I will visit often.