And the whining continues . . .

Good grief! Joelle was spared. I don't know how I feel about that. I guess I'm happy for Carla. But I am not looking forward to another dose of the cat fight that went on last night. I can't believe that after all the screaming, Joelle looks at Carla and says, "you're mad at me?" Duh, ya think? Joelle is so passive-agressive that it is maddening.

I felt bad for Damien. And his elimination seemed to come out of left field. They say that one negative person in a workplace can affect even the most positive of teams. I really hope that those who voted Damien off don't regret their vote. They may have perceived him as the bigger threat, but I think that Joelle's attitude is toxic.

I'm still floundering around but I think as I get used to this huge life change I will settle into a good routine. I heard Harold getting his workout in this morning. I think leaving Medler will be good for his morale. He's working harder now, but enjoying it more.

I got notice yesterday that my WII FIT is coming tomorrow. Whoo hoo! Anna says she will be here to help break it in. I can just see Sunday family dinners ending with a WII session. Anna and Melisa used Nina's over the weekend. Little Claire was doing stepwork with them. She used a book as her balance board. She also broke records on batting the virtual soccer ball with her head. Claire is two.

I'm off to watch the first half hour of Biggest Loser (I got home late) and get in my workout. Updates later.

Daily stats:
Type: Treadmill
Route:custom program 1
Time: 35 minutes
Average heart rate: 125 (this probably isn't accurate, see below)
Max heart rate: 252 (yeah you read that right. I even used a different watch)
Calories burned:260

there is no way my heart rate went up to 252. I don't know what's going on with that monitor. I guess I'm just going to have to use it for timing workouts. That ticks me off because I have 3 of these things and none of them is working right. I changed the batteries in all three of them. I use them to make sure I am staying in the right heart rate zone, but as it is, they are useless at the moment. I can't wait to get the WII and see what that's all about.

THIS JUST IN: You can win a WII FIT system.

Click here to enter

I hope you're reading, Anna!


  1. I still haven't used my wii fit board or the wii yet...can't get the girls off it!
    Have fun with it!
    I hope to soon with mine!

  2. Good thing my girls don't live here or I think I would have the same problem. If Harold ever figures it out, I may have to fight him over it. LOL! But he's out in the shop or fixing equipment during the day. And then there is my to-do list that I am making for him.

  3. I would LOVE to hear what you like best about your Wii. :) I am so tempted to get a Wii Fit myself!

  4. You can be sure that I will post here about it. My daughter called tonight. Apparently we are having a WII FIT/painting party on Saturday night. :)