The struggle continues

I really would love for 2009 to be the year I stop abusing food. I so much want to be part of this challenge, but I feel like a fraud because I do well all day long and then cave at night. I am in a transition phase in my life and I know I am using food as a buffer. I also know it has to stop.
I am just now eating breakfast. I stalled on it because in my present frame of mind I am afraid I won't be able to stop eating. Updates later.


  1. I am here for you!
    It is amazing how much it will help if your bear is all! No...not your body for all to see...Silly!
    Let me use myself for example....I took a picture for all to see my imperfections (plus to use as a reference when I lose inches!) and I posted my real weight! Now I am accountable to all who read...I don't want them to read about what a failure I am. So, I am going to keep going to show everyone that I can and will do this!
    Join me...If you need any encouagement, comment me and I will help you! We are in this thing together!!
    Nighttime is really hard for me too....but just say to yourself "Being thin will feel better than this tastes!" Even if you don't mean it!
    My diet soda (DDP to be precise) gives me just enough sweetness to calm that craving.
    Good luck and contact me if you need me.

  2. Nights are hard for a LOT of us! I don't even want to think about how much chocolate I mindlessly devoured last night. It has since been outlawed from my house -- as has any ice cream that doesn't have nuts in it (I won't eat the nutty kind so it's safe). Hopefully it'll help!

  3. Being in the right frame of mind is a huge part of this process.

    Try planning ahead for the evening food wise and activity wise. Being prepared seems to help with me.

    Hang in there!

  4. Thank you Linda, Karen, and Janene,
    Just knowing that someone out there "gets it" is a big help. Thank you all for encouraging me.