Just shut up and do it!

Yep, that's where I'm at today. I have been stumbling around trying to find a plan I can stick with. It goes something like this.

8:00 am (which always follows a last supper food fest)
I am going to count points. I dutifully fill in my journal. Post about it on my blog. And feel that initial rush of excitement.

10:00 am
Have a low point snack - fruit or whatever

12:00 pm
Still going strong. I've visited everyone's blogs to see how they're doing. Had a great lunch. I'm at 16 pts for the day.

2:00 pm
Hmmmm, I have so many points left, that I can spend a few on some M&Ms.

4:00 pm
Still have some points left - let's have a few more M&Ms

5:00 pm
Shouldn't have had those M&Ms. Now I want more. Oooooh, that ice cream looks good. And I still have a few points left.

Points are gone, I'm starving. From 2:00 on I ate nothing but junk. Guess I'll start again tomorrow. Let's go see what's in the fridge.

Does that sound familiar? Or am I the only crazy one?

Since December I have flirted with the points thing thinking that I can have whatever I want as long as I count the points. It works for other people. Many people have done very well with it. Why doesn't it work for me? It doesn't work for me for several reasons.

I can't have a lot of choice. That gets me into trouble.
I can't eat whatever I want - sugar and I are in a love/hate relationship.
Food is not the problem for me - it's the symptom. It's how I use food. I don't have a metabolism problem, I have a thinking problem. I didn't gain weight because my body can't handle food. I gained weight because I use food to try and handle life. That is what has to change. That is where my energy needs to go.

So, again, today is a new day - a new beginning. It's like so many people have quoted Bob saying the other night on Biggest Loser. "Just shut up and do it."

Knowing me, I probably won't shut up, but by God, I am going to do it.

Hugs all!


  1. Yes YOU WILL DO IT!!!
    And I am going to be here for you! When you feel the urge to eat those M&M's go do something away from them...for me it's being on my laptop! I am on here all the time...that is how many urges I have throughout the day!
    Drink a glass of water to curb the apetitie...I use Diet Dr. Pepper!!!
    It is the habit that is hard to break!
    I am a night time tv snacker...It was so hard the first few days...especially when all the commercials are about yummy food...then of course followed by a weight loss commercial...what gives?
    You have my email address...write to me!! Fill up my inbox...whatever it takes to get you away from the tempting food.
    I use a smaller plate at dinner has helped me tremendously!!
    How about picking up a good book! I find those romance novels so hard to put down!!!
    I'm here for you...all the time!!

  2. Janene - thank you so much! You have no idea what your support means to me. We just bought a laptop so that's a thought.

    Also, once I get my craft/whatever room in better shape, I am going to start quilting again. There is no way I want to eat when I am quilting. I am slowly developing a routine, but DH retires tomorrow so it may have to be re-thunk. It's a big change for both of us - but food is not going to be a factor in the transition.

    You have my email addy too, so any time you need me to be there for you, just hit that laptop.


  3. In days gone by , M&M's, Snowballs, Oreos, or chocolate anything was my downfall ! Then a miracle occured- chocolate started giv9ing me heartburn that was so bad I could have become a fire breathing dragon. It did not stop me from reaching for it , as stupid as it sounds. mWeight is one thing, pain is another, and i experimented with some alternatives that would give me the chocolate fix without the pain. I discovered that a cup of plain non fat yogurt mixed with 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of splenda really went a long way to satisfying that craving. Bet of all, ,it is 2 points and fulfills a dairy requirement. You can also freeze it , sort of, to make a sort of ice cream like snack thing. Give it a try !

  4. You can do this. :o ) Sometimes the best way to love ourselves is to throw away the M&M's and hide in the bath until we are sane again. lol

  5. Thanks, Squishy,
    The M&Ms are no longer here. LOL!

    And that chocolate yogurt thing sounds really good - thanks, Incredible Shrinking Woman. :)

  6. That is exactly why I decided I need to do this on my own this time. I'd have "good" days where I'd have tonnes of points left and it never failed I'd make horrible choices, usually involving chocolate or pop.