I am a yoga master and a calorie incinerator!!

Been having loads of fun with my WII so far. I got my age back down to the low 40's. I have discovered that I have balance and flexibility issues with my right side. That's what I love about this thing. It critiques my form and helps with core training. I have tended to let strength training slide because my favorite exercise is aerobics, but this makes the core training fun.
The WII won't replace what I've been doing, but it will be a fun alternative to night-time eating.
I even got a workout in this morning and I usually don't on Friday mornings. I woke up rarin' to go.

Oh, and here's a tip. Sam's club and Walmart have the WII consoles for $249. has the WII fit for $107. I paid more than I should have for mine, but it's still worth every penny.


  1. Still waiting to get on ours!
    I am going to have to sneak on it at 2 in the morning...but I'm in bed snoozing!
    This weekend I am gonna have to put my foot down and play...I mean work out!
    I am so proud of you!
    I'm jealous of your Wii age!

  2. LOL, I managed to go from 42 to 73 back to 40 in one evening. Go figure.

  3. I just can't imagine getting a good enough workout with the WII. But your right it does beat sitting on the couch! LOL! Your doing great! Keep up the good work. 'I'll be thinkin' about ya! Be good! Jinx!

  4. I like the running laps. They get your heart rate going. And the hula hoop one. Whooeee!!