Whhheeeeeeee, the WII FIT is coming

Good morning, Losers,
Today my WII FIT should arrive. I am sooo excited. I love walking outside, and I love our treadmill, but I think this may end up being my favorite. I am going by the testimonials I have heard. I've only dabbled a bit with Nicola's - created a MII and bounced a few soccer balls off my head - nothing really hard core. LOL! I did find out that it figured my age to be in the early 40s. Not bad for an almost 57 year old crone. I'll be back later with updates.
It's here! I started out as a 42 year old and ended up as a 73 year old. Hmmmmm
But it is way cool. It won't be my only form of exercise but it will be a daily fun time!!!


  1. Uh! My age is 54 and I am only 40! Life sucks for mii!
    But my plan of stragedy is to get to the wii age of 25! How is that for ambitious!
    I am going to email Vera's addy to be on the lookout!

  2. I think you are going to love the Wii fit ! One really fun thing to do in addition is to get your Wii to connect with online and then select the check out Mii channel- it is free. Once there , you can download a mess of different Mii's , and they will show up in the run feature under aerobics. My son did this and I now get to pass Mii's created to look like Ben Franklin,Ozzy Osborne,Elvis, Adolph Hitler and Jesus on my runs to name a few.There is something very meaningful about getting to the place where you can do the long runs, passing Ben Franklin and others on the way and seeing Jesus at the finish line. Makes you giggle and sure keeps tings interesting !

  3. Haha I love the Mii ability of the Wii fit. I would love to hear if the Wii fit actually helps you reach your fitness goals because my mom's wanted us to buy one for her birthday for the past couple months and I"m seriously considering it!

  4. I don't think it will replace my regular exercise, but it will be a fun addition. Instead of eating, it's much more fun to do the WII. LOL! This may be the answer to ending my nighttime eating.

    The thing I like about it is the yoga and the strength training. Those are 2 areas I tend to neglect. And as I get older, balance is something that needs to be worked on. The WII gives you feedback on your progress, your form, your flexibility etc. That's what has me hooked.