Bring it on Anna and Melisa!

I would like to thank all of my friends for giving me a swift kick and lots of encouragement yesterday. I ready to start a new week in which I WILL be successful.
Okay, so I let my lovely daughters use my WII FIT on Saturday night. I left it at Anna's and went home. After I left, they proceeded to break every single record I had achieved. I am off to fix that. Updates later.
Update: I forgot about their lovely cousin, Summer. She broke a few of my records too. Apparently she is very good at yoga. She's at the top of every ranking. Gotta fix that too.

I did manage to break a few records here and there, but Anna still rules on the hula hoop and Melisa is still queen of the flame watchers.


  1. I'm glad you got the kick you needed. I think the fact that you're willing to attest new stuff like Wii fit and the determination with with you approach these challenges shows that you have more control than you know and you're more courageous than you know.

  2. OMG...isn't that maddening? My hubby does the same thing. I get all excited that I finally have a top score and then he comes in and immediately obliterates me and it takes me like a week to get back to the top.

    I guess a little competition is good. =)

  3. How dare they break your records?
    But, yes, it will keep you motivated to bring back the gold!

  4. You leave a Wii with them and how do they repay you? By breaking your records! Kids today have no regard for the elderly! ;) LOL
    Good re-breaking those records.

  5. Oh, and they never let me forget the "elderly" part. LOL!

  6. How funny!!!!!! LOL! And what a great motivator. They probably don't even realize how much they are helping you! :) You go girl! Kick their butt! Jinx!