I killed my MII

I didn't mean to, really I didn't. It's just that she was named "Me" and I tried to edit her. She still shows up in the plaza, though, so her spirit lives on. Nina and Jamie drove in while I was doing my Yoga portion. Nina headed for the treadmill. I felt like I was on the Biggest Loser campus. It was totally cool.

I have unlocked a lot of new games. The step aerobics are fun. I love the running, although the form is a bit different than when I run outside. I set a goal of 4 pounds in two weeks and it is fun to get daily affirmation from the WII.

Last night Harold and I played it. We created him a MII, but he's really not as much into it as I am. He prefers the treadmill. I love all of it.

Here is what I have discovered about myself. I tend to favor my left side. This shows up in the body test and in different balance tests. That would make sense. I am left handed. I have found that during the day I am much more aware of my center of balance and my posture. Working on that should be great for my back. My core muscles need a lot of strengthening. Even though the WII will not be my sole source of exercise, it will be an important component for measuring strenght and flexibility - both are important as I near my 60s.

Tonight I am taking the whole kit and kaboodle over to Anna's house. We will be painting and WII ing. Harold will be at a card party. The girls are all going to create MIIs. Tomorrow after family dinner we will be working on coupons and WII ing. Should be fun!