All glory, laud, and honor.

Morning update:
What I am about to write is going to sound absolutely crazy to some people, but I'm going to write it anyway because it's my blog and I can if I want to. :) People who know me well, know that I often get nudges from the Holy Spirit. Often He nudges me to do something that I would never think of in a million years. Sometimes these little messages cause me to think, "with all due respect, ARE YOU CRAZY?" Anyway, yesterday, during the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass, I got another one of these nudges. Only this one wasn't asking me to do something, it was telling me that my burden of this excess weight will be lifted. I normally keep my spiritual writing confined to my other blog, however my Friend nudged me again this morning. Okay, it's done.

It's 28 degrees out today. I have tons of stuff to do, but I am going to take time out for my walk/run.

Daily stats:
Down 3.8 from last Monday

BMI: not sure

Workout type:
Deadend/detour to see the Tweetlebugs/back
Average HR:
Maximum HR:
Calories burned: 248
Temperature: 34
Challenge for the day: Remembering the promise
Goal for April 1: 229


I have so much to do today that I was tempted to skip the walk. I kept putting off getting out the door. And then I remembered that I had promised several people that I would pray for them the next time I prayed the rosary. So out the door I went. The deadend was pretty muddy in spots, and the wind was a little chilly. That wouldn't normally be a problem but when I breathed in, my one tooth ached. Thank goodness I have a dentist appt. tomorrow. On the way back I decided to run up to the window of my daughter's house and wave at the kids. They usually see me, but I can't see them. When they saw me coming, they ran out onto the porch. Now, I really do have to get to work!!

Afternoon update:
I promised to make myself a candle when I reached my first mini-goal. In light of the fact that God's commitment to me is so much more powerful than any commitment I could make to myself, and in celebration of that, I went ahead and made a candle this morning. Some fragrance oils that I ordered came in this morning. I made a maple syrup scented candle ( I have to think of a cool name for this scent) and it smells sooooooo good.



  1. Listen to the message and claim it - it is indeed yours ! And congratulations in advance. Personally, I think it is impossible to totally separate our spiritual life from any other aspect of our life if it is indeed authentic. I for one enjoy hearing about one's spiritual promptimngs and it seems to do more to inspire me with weight loss than hearing about the number of crunches someone did or the things they did not eat, but I am an odd duck !

  2. Quack, Quack, another odd duck leaving a comment. I am greatly inspired by your blog. It is refreshing to know that there are others who are dedicated to our Lord and listen to that 'small still voice'. Keep up the great work, and keep listening to the Lord.
    Big hugs and blessings.

  3. I think no matter how much I doubt religion sometimes or a grand master plan, in the back of my mind, I always am having a dialogue with the "greatness" that I believe is our Creator and constantly am complaining, celebrating, laughing, commiserating with this entity the way I would with my closest friends. If you have that open dialogue, I think that is wonderful and greatly inspiring and it is your signal to step up to the plate and work with God to release that weight in any form you need to to make it happen. It is your calling---the question is: Are you ready to answer it?