Syrup season is now upon us!

With the temps as high as they are, the sap is running freely. It was so nice out today. I wish I hadn't had an early work day. I would have loved to get outside. I'm still not feeling up to par. A friend this morning told me that my eyes looked puffy. They feel puffy. On the way home from church I stopped at Walmart to get a stability ball. They are supposed to be good for core work. As we age, our core muscles are more important than ever because they support our bones and increase our strength. I can just see the fun that Clay and Claire will have with this when they come over.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. Alot of people seem to be under the weather. So far i've been lucky. Have a great week! Jinx!

  2. Stability balls are GREAT !!! Simply sitting on them instead of a chair works your core muscles to a certain degree. I got mine first off just for me, but it has become something that everyone in the house uses. There are numerous "official" exercises available to use with this, but it is fun to also watch shows like The Biggest Loser and get inspiration as to other ways they can be used. And if your back is achy, simply lay on it on your tummy and roll around. it helps to open up your back and feels WONDERFUL !