Day 5 - still struggling

Weight: 232.8
Down 1.4 from last Wednesday
BMI: 38.13
Day 5

Daily stats:
Type: Stability ball core
Route: Living room
Time: 30 minutes
Average HR: 101
Maximum HR: 126
Total carbs:
Total calories:
Challenge for the day: Staying the course - just for today
Goal for April 1: 229

Menu Accountability:
Breakfast: Cafe Latte - Tortilla with cheese
Lunch: large salad with dressing, 3 oz Italian sausage, 1/2 apple, 1 cup NSA ice cream
Snack: Atkins bar, Planters nut mix
Dinner: cheeseburger without a bun, 2 oz macadamia nuts

Morning update:
It is windy - very windy - out today. There are flurries. Today is strength training day so I will probably do a Firm video. I would give myself a C- so far for effort in sticking to my action plan. I think I'm going to print off my Action Plan and tape it on my bathroom mirror. As I read other blogs, it seems that everyone is feeling kind of blah right now. I think it's that end of season kind of thing. We're tired of winter and spring isn't quite here. I know what I need to do. I start the day with all kinds of resolve and then it's as if I leave and my needy inner child takes over. I think I have a hard time around this time of year anyway. My mother died on March 11 and my dad died in April. The early spring season always finds me thinking about them. And then there is Lent and Easter in the mix and the analogies are all there.

I didn't catch the end of last night's Loser - well, I sort of did - I saw that Mandi was sent home. I'm not sure how the elimination played itself out because I was on the phone at the very end. The black team is beginning to get on my nerves. Felipe's hissy fit left me scratching my head. I must have missed something because I don't understand why Jillian was ignoring him. I also don't understand how Ron came to the conclusion that Mandi had to go home. He said it as if it was obvious, but I'm not getting it.
I ended up doing the Stability ball - simpler - no hauling out of equipment. It's a very good core workout

Afternoon update:
I am frustrated with Blogger because it won't let me leave comments on some blogs including this one. Bee, Amy, and Shrinking Family - I had forgotten that Felipe was trying to forestall any criticism of a small loss by blaming Jillian. I liked Ron in the beginning, but now I find him judgemental and condescending. Yes, he has health issues, but he is responsible for the extent that obesity plays a part in those issues. He seems to have appointed himself the spokesperson for the Black team and I don't think he's earned that right. And what is up with Bob? He should have sent those two whiners right back to Jillian. I think that would have been the ethical thing to do.
So far today is going very well. I assigned myself some tasks that need to be done today and I am interspersing them with quilting (my fun thing to do).

Evening update:
Feeling melancholy tonight, not sure why. It'll pass, it always does.


  1. Yeah... I'm going to have to rewatch. I caught the first 15 minutes and the last 10. A lot left out.

  2. I am with you as to wondering how Ron came to the conclusion with it being Mandy's time to go home. And boy can I relate with her shock reaction at the weight gain ! I felt like reaching through the screen and shaking Felipe reminding him that his outcome on the scale had a whole lot more to do with his eating on the luxury day than it did with Jillian not working him personally. Bottom line is that YOU are the one who has to do it, not your trainer.

  3. I started off having a lot of empathy for Ron, but now I'm over him. He needs to go home. He's not pulling the numbers that others are and he is so matter of fact about who needs to go home. HE DOES.

  4. Sorry to hear that this time of year is hard for you. I understand completely. (((HUGS)))

    The weather turned cooler today and all I could muster the strength to do was stability ball. *sigh*

    Now I understand why Jillian has been saying on her radio show about how this season of TBL really got to her. Filipe never gave her a chance. Complained and belly ached and was a baby about leaving Bob's team. Grow up! And Ron? He's the weakest link on his team and should have been gone a long, long time ago. Blue Team is getting rid of all the strong ones. Stupid move.