March showers, wedding showers, it's raining here!

Sunday, March 8, 2009
Weight: 235.2
BMI: 38.57
Day Two

Daily stats:
Type: jogging
Route: Up and down the road.
Time: 30 minutes
Average HR 122
Maximum HR 136
Total carbs: 49
Total calories: 2339
Challenge for the day: Bridal shower
Goal for April 1: 229

Menu Accountability:
Breakfast: Café latte, tortilla and cheese
Lunch: lots of romaine lettuce, ¼ cup shredded cheese, ranch dressing, salsa, 4 large strawberries, several grapes
Snack: Atkins bar
Dinner: Chicken salad - ½ cup, macadamia nuts - 2 oz, NSA ice cream - 1 cup
Evening - 3 oz. macadamia nuts, 3 SF chocolate coconut candies

Morning update:
I woke up this morning feeling great because I stuck to my plan yesterday. The scale didn’t reward me, but that’s okay. I weigh every day and I know there are fluctuations. I never compare to the previous day - only to the previous week. I am up from last Sunday, but that’s okay too because it’s in the past. I have a new resolve.
I am attending a bridal shower for one of my nieces today. My 2 sisters-in-law who are hosting it are very talented cooks and hostesses. I am going to pretend that this is a Biggest Loser challenge and that there are hidden cameras watching me. I am packing an Atkins bar just in case there is nothing there that I can eat. I will also have a bottle of water with me. I am now headed out for my workout. Wii Tillie says I am 45 today.

This morning’s run/walk was great. It felt a lot chillier than 30 degrees, though. I just went back and forth up and down the road because of all the mud. It felt so good to be out. I can’t wait until the weather moderates and I can do my regular route.

Afternoon update:
The shower went great. I stayed the course without having to use my weekly rest stop. There were salad fixings and fruit. It was very easy to stay on target. I had strawberries and grapes as “dessert” and they were just the thing I needed.

I started the baby's quilt so that should keep me busy for tonight!

Evening update:
If you read my other blog, you will know that we had an impromptu family gathering. It is maple syrup season and the guys were boiling sap in the sugar house. That means people stop by and gather in the sap house where there is usually food - pancakes or fried fish. Tonight it was pancakes slathered with butter and soaked in maple syrup fresh from the evaporator. Amid the cookie and pancake eating, I had one small bite of pancake with syrup. And I mean small - but I savored it.


  1. Great job on everything... especially taking only one bite of pancake!

  2. I love this post!!! It's soo upbeat and happy and realistic. I know realistic is a weird word to use, but what i mean is that I feel like I'm enjoying it with you. hehe. I think your attitude of letting go stresses with regards to day-to-day fluctuations is on point and I hope to get more to the zen state that you're in!