Goals and other things

Morning update:
Food was a little off yesterday, but not bad. I always get antsy around this time of year. For church musicians this is the most powerful - and because of that - the most stressful time in the Church year. Ah, but I have help.

I'm still waking up very tired and am not getting out on the road nearly as early as I'd like. The later in the morning, the more likely that I will talk myself out of doing it. It's not the walk itself, it's the getting ready. I have discovered that transitions are my most challenging times. I just kind of have to go on autopilot and do it.

Tomorrow is the date for my mini goal. If I make it - terrific. If not, I take joy in what I have accomplished, set a new goal, and move on.

Don't forget that Biggest Loser is on tonight!!

Daily stats:

Down 3.8 from last Tuesday

BMI: not sure

Workout type:
Deadend/Walter's woods/back
Average HR:
Maximum HR:
Calories burned: 240
Temperature: 40
Challenge for the day: Remembering the promise
Goal for April 1: 229


I got out on the road at about 10:45 - still later than I'd like.Not only is there the chance that I'll talk myself out of going, but there are other things that can take life over. Early in the day - not so much.

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  1. In some ways this week and next feels like a cross between waiting backstage for the curtain to rise and crunch time to meet a deadline. We are going to go visit a Shrine in the neighboring state on Wednesday just to catch one last deep breath before the curtain rises next Thursday.Congratulations for stealing time this day to grab some exercise !