Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Morning update:
I am happy that I stayed on track yesterday. As often happens, I was not rewarded at the scale, but I don't care. I have noticed that when I stay on track - and that has been very rare lately - that I don't see the fruits of that for a few days. Therefore, I do not pay much attention to daily weigh-ins other than as a way to notice trends.

People who know me well, know that on my morning walk/runs I pray the rosary. Today's mysteries are the Glorious ones. It's a perfect day for them as it is gloriously beautiful outside today. So many people seem to be coming out of a slump lately. I'm wondering if it's weather related.

My little Tweetlebugs just stopped by with their Mommy. They've been out for a run already, so I'd best get going too.

Daily stats:
Weight: 234.8

Up 2 from last Wednesday

BMI: 38.46

Workout type: Walk/run

Deadend/quick stop at the corner/back
Average HR: 126

Maximum HR: 144

Total carbs:

Total calories: -246 calories burned

Challenge for the day: Staying the course - just for today - please

Goal for April 1: 229

Notes: Temp 47 -

I got out on the road at about 10:30. It was a great walk/run. I am really looking forward to the day when it again becomes a straight run. I usually have the deadend to myself, but there was a guy cutting some brush at the edge of the field. On the way back, I saw my little Tweetlebugs on their front porch waving at me so I stopped (didn't really stop, I ran in place) to grab a couple of hugs. Oh, and I figured out why the scale was up today. I forgot my supps and meds yesterday, one of which is HCTZ. (I only take 2 meds - I am not THAT old yet.) I realized it when I looked at my hands and saw how puffed up they are.

When I got home I did 15 minutes worth of core work on the stability ball.

Afternoon update:

Evening update:

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  1. Your in the groove and humming along! Hoping you have another GREAT day! jinx!