The past is past - a new week awaits!

Morning update:
First of all, thank you Jinx, Ida, and the Incredible Shrinking Mom, for your kind comments yesterday. As Jinx has said, they mean more to me than you know. An encouraging comment can often be the just the thing to turn slip ups into victory. You ladies are awesome.

Today the temp is 25 degrees, but the wind is low so I will be going out on the road. Today is a strength day so I will be taking my weights with me. I'll do core work later on tonight.

Yesterday I went shopping with Anna and looked at some new clothes. Nothing like a trip to the fitting room to give you a good dose of reality. It can either depress the heck out of you or can spur you on to staying the course. I have decided on the latter. It's easy to fool yourself into thinking things aren't all that bad - especially when all you ever see in the mirror is from the neck up. I miss the old me. I need to bring her back. She's still here, somewhere inside, buried under the layers of buffer that I have allowed myself to accumulate. The current me is not how I see myself and it is a bit depressing to get a glimpse, every now and then, of what other people are seeing. But I also can't focus on that. I get overwhelmed by the bigger picture - so I am just concentrating on my immediate goal. That is more than enough to keep me busy.

Daily stats:
Up 1.8 from last
Workout type: Walk/run

Deadend/Walter's Woods/back
32 minutes
Average HR:
Maximum HR: 142

Calories burned: 271
Temperature: 25 degrees
Total carbs:

Total calories: -

Challenge for the day: Staying the course - just for today - please

Goal for April 1: 229


I got out on the road at 10:40. I was hoping to get out earlier but a couple of phone calls came in that couldn't wait until later. The walk/run was nice. I didn't take my weights with me so I still need to get a strength training session in. It was breezier than I thought and so the trip toward the east was pretty chilly as that is where the wind was coming from. I have 2 dogs to contend with now on the dead end. They look like Dobermans but may be Labs. I'm not sure. The bigger one barks a lot but doesn't leave the yard. Usually putting my hand up and shouting "stay" or "it's okay" calms him down. The lady who lives there lost her husband recently and I'm sure this is a security measure for her. Dogs usually get used to seeing me after a while. All the more reason for me to be consistent with workouts.

At the deadend by the highway, I was checking my HRM and stepped into a rut and jolted my back. I'm hoping that's not going to be a problem. I have noticed some cracking in my back lately which is probably arthritis. I am going to have to be vigilant about stretching too.


  1. Talk about stretching woman! I just got done with a yoga class, thats my 4th one i think. Its embaressing to realize just how unflexible i'am. They say 'take the stretch lower or deeper' and i'm like ' thats as far as she goes! Its something i'm really gonna work on this year. I don't know if its from the running and not stretching much or my age or just being fat for 20 years but i can barely touch my toes and thats just not right. A body should be able to flex and bend. It just a natural way for a body to move.
    I know what you mean about dogs too. I'am a dog lover , cat lover, animal lover! but i HATE it when people let their dogs run loose.There only one road i can run on around my house even then there is one house with Labs that the dogs will come out in the street barking etc...I tell them to 'GO HOME " and they usually listen. The other streets have more mean spirited dogs that refuse to back off. Its a free country i should be able to walk down the road. Ofcourse they could day the same thing about a free country letting their dogs run loose if they wanted to. UUUugh. No win. Jinx

  2. Oh, I sure hope you didn't do any damage to your back. Good ol' arther! He has become my constant companion (knees and feet) of late. Just love getting old----NOT!

  3. Stretching is one of my best friends :D

    You're so awesome for working out and are a total inspiration for me!
    And I feel for you, when you look in a mirror and do not necessarily recognize who you see. but hopefully lb by lb you'll get back that woman you lost and will find that you have found yourself under all those battle scars, to discover the best version of yourself ready to live life!