Getting back in the groove

Morning update:
Happy St. Patrick's day everyone. Today is the day that I get back in the groove. I'm still a little stuffy so the workout will be a walking one. It's important for me to get back on track as soon as possible. As Leslie Sansone says, "the more you sit, the more you want to sit. The more you move, the more you want to move." Also, I have heard that we all need at least 30 minutes of sunlight a day to keep our mood in balance - always a good thing.

Daily stats:
Weight: 234
Up 1.2 from last Tuesday
BMI: 38.42
Workout type: Walk/run
Route:Deadend/back/short loop/home
Time: 30 minutes
Average HR: 122
Maximum HR: 134
Total carbs: 57 net carbs
Total calories: 1748-282 burned = 1466 net calories
Challenge for the day: Staying the course - just for today - please
Goal for April 1: 229
Notes: Temp 39 -
I was so inspired reading about Jinx's recent race that I've decided to try out for 2 of them next year. It's too late to train for them this year.

I got out on the road about 9:45 - a little later than I like, but I got out there. It was so great to get outside after so many weeks of cold, wet weather. The dead-end route was fairly firm - not too muddy. I saw deer hoof prints all along the side of the road for about a quarter mile, but no deer. I could smell the earthy smell of silage. The good kind, not the rotten yogurt kind that one encounters about 1/2 mile south of us and on certain days - when the wind is from the south- finds its way over to all of us north of there. When I got home I took the lighted Christmas garland off the front porch. The wreath is still in really good condition. I hate to take that down yet, so I won't.
Harold is out boiling sap. Amazing. We are having a great syrup year.

Afternoon update:
I'm doing well today, so far. I made 2 batches of candles and it is warm outside. The house smells of orange danish and blueberry candles.

Attention Kud - I'm not able to comment on your blog (stupid blogger.com) but I want to send you a hug. I can identify with the needing to fill a void mentality.

Evening update:
I had a meeting tonight - came home to watch the rest of Biggest Loser. I wish just once the Blue Team could win something - anything. Cathy is a class act. I met my goals for today. I am a happy camper!


  1. Oooh, that's interesting about the sunshine. Glad it's out lately!
    I like Leslie Sansone's quote! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think all of the snow this past winter and cold did something to kick nature into high gear, so to speak. I don't tap syrup but I gather wild herbal plants , and this year several ones that have not been seen are beginning to sprout. I think the earth may have just needed a really good winters nap to recharge so nicely.

  3. Today was a beautiful day here, too. Spent time outside with the g-kids.

  4. Aww Mary thanks for the shout out. I never expected it and it totally made my night. Hopefully I'll treat my body better these next couple days and just back on that healthy lifestyle bandwagon. I wish I could just sit in your house and enjoy the smells of those delicious sounding candles. haha. Have a good night!!

  5. So glad things are looking up and your feeling better. Even making plans for next year!Thats awesome!Lets string some great days together! Having a little trouble getting back completely on plan since i splurged after the race Saturday. Always happens. Beginning to wonder why i splurge any more. I always seem to have trouble getting the calorie count back down for a while afterwards. UUuugh...Jinx!