Movin' on down the road

Morning update:
I can't believe how well I did yesterday. It would have been so easy to just chuck the whole thing until Monday when life slowed down. I am very, very nervous on freeways, particularly I75. I wasn't driving, but it doesn't matter. The traffic weaving in and out of lanes and merging and the myriad of other things to watch for give me a huge headache. I am proud of how I did yesterday. Now today I get the exercise back on track. I am getting ready to head out the door. It's sunny and beautiful out!

Daily stats:
Down 3 from last Saturday

Workout type: Walk/run

Route: Deadend/Walter's woods/back

Time: 31 minutes

Average HR:
Maximum HR:
Calories burned:250
Temperature: 32 degrees
Challenge for the day: Staying the course - just for today - please
Goal for April 1: 229


It was beautiful out. A bit chilly with a wind coming from the east.

Afternoon update:
The Easter candy has been out on display since Valentine's day ended. I am a sucker for packaging and was feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't have any without going overboard. Chocolate is one of my "must have" foods. The sugar free stuff is good - but way too expensive for a semi-retired person (plus I gave it up for Lent). The real stuff is very hard to limit. Anna gave me some Hershey Cacao reserve bars yesterday. They're pretty good, but they do have sugar in them so I have to be careful. They are dark chocolate so for some reason they don't set off cravings. I decided to make an old favorite that I had forgotten about - chocolate peanut butter cups. I made them in some pretty Easter muffin papers. Ahhhhhh! Life is good.


  1. Very proud of you for staying on track at this time. This is one of those 'if I can handle this, I can handle anything' moment, I'm sure.
    Big Hug and Blessings, my friend.

  2. I'm so glad you got out for a work out on this beautiful day. Its beautiful sun shining but windy and cold. Had to cover some outside plants last nite and again tonite as we are flirting with freezing temps. I need to go for a run but i think i will wait a couple hours and see if it will warm up some more or maybe the wind to lie down. I asked a runner buddy if i ran three mile into a Texas style head wind does that count as 6 miles. He just LAUGHED at me and said NO! Bummer! LOL!
    I will be sooo happy when the easter candy is gone! The hardest thing for me to walk away from is the chocolate peanutbutter eggs. MMmmm..I haven't had one yet but a few weeks ago i had some marshmallow peeps. They were purple my FAV color!It just came on a day i had some extra calories to spare. I ate the whole package for i think 280 calories. Not bad considering it was the whole package. I have '0' self control with sweets too. Theres no such thing as have one and walk away or save the rest. Nope.
    Your doing great Woman! Keep it up! I'll be thinking about you putting one step in front of the other! Jinx!