Life, death, and other weighty topics

I got some bad news last night. My cousin died. A sudden death, or any death that hits close to home for that matter, sets me on end. It's like, who cares if I eat a pound of chocolate, I could die tomorrow and the sacrifice would have been for nothing. But that's stinkin' thinkin'. It's not about how much chocolate we do or do not eat in our lifetime. Chocolate isn't even the real problem now, is it? It's about quality of life. I can't add a single second to Cindy's life by making mine worse. And I definitely can't add a single second to my own by worrying and throwing my whole program to the winds.

I fully intended to go out running this morning. But I put it off. As it turned out, my brother, whom I have lost touch with over the last few years, returned my call about Cindy. We had a long talk. I regret that we have lost touch, and he is struggling in this economy. No one really understands the dynamics of the family in which I grew up. But long story short, there is no loss without some gain. I like to think that Cindy is smiling down, glad that Bob and I spoke.

I didn't get outside today, but my resolve is strengthened to get my eating back on track. Sugar is such a demon in my life.

There's not much to read today. I'm dealing with my grief by heading for my quilting room. That is a huge change from heading for the M&Ms. I guess I am making some progress.

Again, I want to thank all of the kind ladies who comment on my blog. Your support is very precious to me.


  1. So sorry to heart of your loss ! You are right- death is a kind of cold bucket of water in the face that makes us rethink our perspectives. It always throws our own lives into a loop, but something better always seems to evolve because of it.In my own family it seems that death is the one thing that guarantees we can all gather together for a day if nothing else, and positive always results.

  2. Hi, my name is Terry and I have just found your blog...you have already been such an encouragement to me in the few days that I have been reading.

    Today, I am sad for you...I know to well the pain of death...and I will pray for you and your family as you process the loss of your cousin.

  3. Mary i'am so sorry for the lost of your cousin Cindy. Were you very close??I too have fallen out of touch with alot of family. I have one brother i haven't seen in 22 years and another one i haven't seen in 10. Oh we talk but i live in West Tx and they live on the east coast. And neither of us has had the gumption to go visit the other.
    I collect poems and quotes and i was looking thru my stash for something that might cheer you and all i really found was a favorite of mine but it doesn't pertain to your loss but i will put it here anyway, maybe you will like it too. The poem draws a picture in mind and i can remember evenings spent by a campfire.
    Did you ever watch the camp fire
    When the wood had fallen low
    And the ashes start to whiten
    Round the embers crimson glow.
    With the night sounds all around you
    Making silence doubly sweet
    And a full moon high above you
    That the spell may be complete?
    Tell me ,were you ever nearer to the land
    of heart's desire than when you sat there
    Thinking with your face turned toward the
    Just remember.....a balanced diet is NOT
    chocolate in both hands!
    I will keep you in my thoughts.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of the death of your cousin. I pray that she knew Jesus as her Savior and Lord. That makes a death much easier to handle. (how people who don't know God do it is beyond me) Second, God often uses things that man calls bad to bring about good. And I am so happy that you and your brother reconnected. May it lead to a long, blessed renewal of your relationship. Adult sibling relationships can be such a blessing.
    I am sending a big hug to you. I am glad that you turned to quilting rather than chocolate to det you through the tough time.

  5. So sorry for your family's loss. I haven't been to the gym in about 2 weeks for one reason or another, truth is they are excuses. I'm gettin back on the bandwagon this coming Monday after a huge weekend, this weekend. I know, I know I should go today but there just is NOT time!