Cough cough Hack Hack

Weight: 234.2
Down .4 from last Friday
BMI: 38.09
Day 7

Daily stats: No workout due to having bronchitis
Average HR:
Maximum HR:
Total carbs:
Total calories:
Challenge for the day: Staying the course - just for today - please
Goal for April 1: 229

Menu Accountability:
Breakfast: Cafe Latte - Oatmeal with peanut butter
Lunch: Gorton's fish tenders with breading removed, V8 juice, cucumbers, 1/2 piece almond crusted cheesecake
Snack: Macadamia nuts, Dannon light 'n fit, apple

Morning update:
Yesterday was not a great on plan day. I have a really bad cough. I went to the doctor today and I have bronchitis.

Afternoon update:
So far today eating is on track. I stopped at the store and bought some oranges and cucumbers and some yogurt. I can't workout right now due to breathing issues, but I can concentrating on eating right. At the doctor's office I read an article that said the pistachio nuts can lower LDL. That's a good thing - and I like pistachios.

Evening update:

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