Day 32: 100 Days Challenge - The Five Hour Rule

 I never got back to update yesterday's post with the readings of the day.  I will do that later today so be sure and check yesterday's post.  I have a staff meeting this morning so I'm up early.  Had planned to run outside, but it's still too cold so it's off to the treadmill I go.  I am feeling yesterday's Firm workout.  It's a great feeling.

Last night I had a bit of a setback with food.  After the choir rehearsal I came home and ate some chocolate eggs.  The discussion in my head went something like this:

Inner Brat:  I'm hungry!
Me: No you're not, you're stressed.
Inner Brat:  No, I'm hungry!
Me:  No, you're not.
Inner Brat:  I don't care, I'm going to have some of those yummy chocolate eggs.
Me: They may taste good now, but how are you going to feel afterwards?  You haven't done your 21 days on this four meal thing yet.
Inner Brat:  I don't care, I want those eggs.
Me:  Okay, I can see that I can't talk you out of this.  If you're gonna eat them, then savor them.  Don't just shovel the whole bag in your mouth.

Okay, so I ate the eggs - probably more than I needed to tame the chocolate urge.  Afterwards my inner brat started in.

Inner Brat:  Hey, you made homemade bread today. Why don't we have some?
Me: No
Inner Brat:  How about some yogurt?
Me: No!
Inner Brat:  But you already ruined your streak.  What difference does it make how much you ruined it by?
Me: No!
Inner Brat:  You're never gonna do this.  You're 58 years old.  Who cares what you look like?
Me:  It's not about vanity.  It's about quality of life.
Inner Brat: Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Me:  Quit your whining.  I said no!

So that was the end of that.  I need to be on my guard so that doesn't happen again.  I need to plan ahead.  Choir rehearsals are always a little stressful for me because it doesn't take much for me to lose my focus.  Our numbers are down this year, I won't be there for Easter Vigil.  I need to have a plan in place for when I come home from stressful meetings.  But I am proud of myself for doing what a normal person would do.  I indulged in a treat and then I put the bag away.  But I know I am at a slippery slope here and I need to be a little more vigilant.

Update for yesterday and today coming later.

Well, the wireless connection quit working so I am typing this into a works document so I can paste it in when the connection is running again.  I am really beginning to hate electronics!  The day didn’t start off all that well to begin with.  We had a staff meeting today and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m not very well liked there.  I really do not look forward to staff meeting. Got through that, came home and ate lunch, then headed up to Mt. P. to get a new adapter cord for the laptop.  It didn’t work, so back to the store it goes.  This time I will go to Staples, not Walmart, and I will take my laptop and old cord with me. 

Then I come here to update my blog and lose my wireless connection.  Bah!  I’m going to make some candles.

Day 32 from 100 Days of Weight Loss - the five-hour rule.  The rule is, do not go more than 5 hours without eating.  I’m assuming the means during the day.  Not a problem for me due to my blood sugar issues, but the theory is, the hungrier you let yourself get, the more you’ll eat.   Spangle recommends using a combination of hunger signals and your watch to manage your intake.

The “Beck Diet Solution” chapter for today is about the first weigh-in.  I have had a couple already, but basically you weigh-in and do an assessment.  I do this on Sundays.

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  1. My sympathies ! It is a stressful season and the impending changes make it more so ! Inner Brats can be such a challenge at times, and it seems there is a different way to deal with each one. I hope you will be able to find the strategy to deal with yours.